University of Oregon

Advancing inclusive excellence through critical thinking and an ethic of care

CoDaC  staff consists of a diverse team of research faculty, graduate students, and professionals with backgrounds in psychology, sociology, education, communication, and theater arts. Our staff have expertise in the areas of multicultural organization development, student affairs, mediation/conflict resolution, and curriculum development.

TEDx UOregon 2014

TEDx UOregon 2014

What unites us is the desire to create more inclusive environments and the commitment to engage on the front lines with individuals and organizational communities striving to become more multicultural.

CoDaC employs a developmental approach to promote cross-cultural knowledge, skills, and awareness. We conduct multicultural research, offer innovative workshops, and partner with departments/units to become more inclusive, accessible, and aware of their organizational cultures.

CoDaC primarily serves faculty, academic units, and student affairs offices in higher education. We work with individual faculty to increase their capacity to work effectively with a diverse student body and we work with campus units (departments, colleges, and student affairs) to foster multicultural organizational development.

While our primary work is within higher education, CoDaC also occasionally works with K-12 educational communities.